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AIPRG Lecture SeriesOn Thursday, August 03, 2006, AIPRG Yerevan office organized a public lecture entitled: “The Dialectics of smallness: State Making in the South Caucasus”, which was conducted by Asbed Kotchikian. The lecture was based on Asbed’s paper, presented at the AIPRG Forth Annual Meeting, and was rendered as a part of the Post-Conference Outreach Program.

The event was well attended by researchers, students, journalists, as well as representatives of NGOs and political parties. At the beginning, Naira Harutyunyan made a brief presentation about AIPRG and its activities. In particular, she mentioned about AIPRG’s current survey on Dual Citizenship and ongoing research on the possible consequences of the Armenian-Turkish border opening and its subsequent conference in October. Next, Asbed delivered his lecture introducing the concept of small states and the problems of categorization. Then he focused on the applicability of that concept in the case of South Caucasus bringing examples specific to the three countries of the region. He specifically discussed the peculiar position that small states are in as a result of the present unilateral international system.

AIPRG Lecture SeriesThe presentation raised substantial interest among the audience and at the end of the lecture a number of questions, observations, and suggestions were made, including the categorization under which Iran and Israel fell; due to limited resources the need for Armenia to have less but stronger and more qualified representations in diplomatic and international institutions rather than quantitatively more representations with weak capacities to impact decision-making processes; the importance of the public perception of a country which is reflected in its presentation to ­ and consequently its perception by ­ other states; as well as possible scenarios for Armenia with the perspective of the next 15-20 years.

The lecture was conducted with the support of Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Armenia branch, the management of which kindly provided the premises.

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