About Us / Structure

The structure of AIPRG reflects the positions, interests, and individual constraints of each member. The Group is managed by Advisory and Executive Board . The Advisory Board consists of renowned academics and policy practitioners who are willing to provide expertise and guidance with respect to the Group’s overall direction and research agenda. The Executive Board, on the other hand, oversees AIPRG’s day-to-day activities. It consists of active researchers and policy practitioners who coordinate the activities of the Group in his/her own area.

Individual AIPRG Fellows are accomplished professionals who recognize the need to consolidate best-practice policy advice and research for the benefit of Armenia and the Diaspora. Although the Group primarily focuses on attracting members who specialize in economics, political science, law and international development, individuals with expertise in other fields relevant to public policy are encouraged to join.

AIRPG Associates are professionals and/or recent graduates who are developing a portfolio of work and research related to Armenia's economic and social development.  Associates possess a minimum of a Masters or Bachelors degree with relevant work experience.

Disclaimer: All Directors and Fellows participate in their personal capacities and not as representatives of their institutional affiliations. Similarly, views expressed are those of the members and do not necessarily reflect those of their respective institutions.