Working Papers / 2003

Working Paper No. 03/19
Richard Giragosian
Geopolitics and The Formation of Foreign Policy in The South Caucasus: An Examination of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia

Working Paper No. 03/18
Richard Beilock and David Grigorian
The Role Of and Potential For Public-Private Cooperation in Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/17
Gahmk Markarian
Rule-of-Law and Commercial Law Issues in Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/16
Thomas Samuelian
Implementing Country Competitiveness as a Standard for Law and Policy Making

Working Paper No. 03/15
Anna Ohanian
The Governance Potential of NGOs and Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in Armenian Public Sector: Lessons from Microcredit NGOs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working Paper No. 03/14
Malcolm Simpson
Community Based Economic Development in Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/13
Tiffany Petros
Evolution of Armenia’s Foreign Policy

Working Paper No. 03/12
Arman Grigorian
Armenia’s Geopolitical Environment: Threats and Opportunities

Working Paper No. 03/11
Garbis Iradian
Armenia: The Road to Sustained Rapid Growth

Working Paper No. 03/10
Aleksandr Gevorkyan and David A. Grigorian
Armenia and Its Diaspora: Is There a Scope for a Stronger Economic Link?

Working Paper No. 03/09
Tigran Poghosyan
Demand for Money in Armenia: Partial Adjustment Approach

Working Paper No. 03/08
Cyrus Safdari, Nancy J. Scannell, and Rubina Ohanian
A Statistical Analyses Of Banks In Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/07
David A. Grigorian
Banking Sector in Armenia: What Would it Take to Turn a Basket Case into a Beauty Case?

Working Paper No. 03/06
Lev Freinkman, Gohar Gyulumyan, and Artak Kyurumyan
Quasi-Fiscal Activities, Hidden Government Subsidies, and Fiscal Adjustment in Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/05
Annette Brown
Tax Policy and Poverty in Armenia

Working Paper No. 03/04
Armen Matosyan
Market Opportunities for Armenian Agricultural Products

Working Paper No. 03/03
Richard Beilock
Helping Armenia without Helping the Blockade

Working Paper No. 03/02
Joseph Simonian
A Comparison of the Transition Paths of Armenia and Estonia: What Have We Learned and Where Should We Be Going?

Working Paper No. 03/01
Vahram Avanesyan and Lev Freinkman
Costing-out the Big Bang: Impact of External Shocks on the Armenian Economy at the Outset of Transition