Working Papers / 2005

Working Paper No.05/10
Paul Holden and Vahe Sahakyan
Issues Related to Promoting a Competitive Business Environment in Armenia

Working Paper No.05/09
Asbed Kotchikian
Border Politics: The Geopolitical Implications of Opening the Turkish-Armenian Border

Working Paper No.05/08
Gohar Minasyan and Aghassi Mkrtchyan
Factors Behind Persistent Rural Poverty in Armenia

Working Paper No.05/07
Richard Giragosian
Toward a New Concept of Armenian National Security

Working Paper No.05/06
Audrey N. Selian
The Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as Tools for Institutional Transformation in Armenia

Working Paper No.05/05
Hilda Grigorian
Human Trafficking in The Republic of Armenia

Working Paper No.05/04
Marine Adamyan
Integrated Approaches to Well-Being and Quality of Life Improvement

Working Paper No.05/03
Asghik Minasyan and Hasmik Ghukasyan
Targeting State Social Assistance to the Most Needy: The Armenian Experience

Working Paper No.05/02
Bagrat Tunyan
The Shadow Economy of Armenia: Size, Causes and Consequences

Working Paper No.05/01
Bryan W. Roberts and King Banaian
Remittances in Armenia: Size, Impacts, And Measures to Enhance Their Contribution to Development