Working Papers / 2006

Working Paper No. 06/16
Tigran Poghosyan and Evžen Kočenda
Foreign Exchange Risk Premium Determinants: Case of Armenia

Working Paper No. 06/15
Richard Beilock, David Grigorian and Yvonne Reinertson
Bringing Something Different To The Table: Potentials of Public-Private Partnerships for Armenia and Other Developing/Transition Countries

Working Paper No. 06/14
Hamid Davoodi and David Grigorian
Tax Potential and Tax Effort: Factors Behind the Stubbornly Low Tax Collection in Armenia 

Working Paper No. 06/13
Asbed Kotchikian
The Dialectics of Smallness: State-Making in the South Caucasus

Working Paper No. 06/12
Khatchik Derghoukassian
Balance of Power, Democracy and Development: Armenia in the South Caucasian Regional Security Complex

Working Papers No. 06/11
Armen Alaverdyan and Vahe Balayan
The Current Legislative and Administrative Issues of the Value Added Tax System in Armenia

Working Paper No. 06/10
Robert W. McGee and Tatyana B. Maranjyan
Tax Evasion in Armenia: An Empirical Study

Working Paper No. 06/09
Shavarsh Kocharyan
Armenia: Demographic Challenges

Working Paper No. 06/08
Michael W Nicholson and Armine R. Mirzoyan
Information Needs and Institutional Development

Working Paper No. 06/07
Richard Giragosian
Repositioning Armenian Security and Foreign Policy Within a Region at Risk

Working Paper No. 06/06
Giuseppe Iarossi, Federica Saliola and Giovanni Tanzillo
Business Climate, Productivity, and Competitiveness in Armenia: 2002-2005

Working Paper No. 06/05
Aleksandr Gevorkyan, Karina Mashuryan and Arkady Gevorkyan
Economics of Labor Migration from Armenia: a Conceptual Study

Working Paper No. 06/04
Shoghik Hovhannisyan
Benefit Incidence Analysis in Armenia

Working Paper No. 06/03
Ara Hovsepyan and Armen Khudaverdyan
Public Sector Reforms in Armenia 1999 – 2005: Achievements and Challenges

Working Paper No. 06/02
Tigran Jrbashyan and Davit Harutyunyan
Estimation of Transaction Costs during Tax Collection Process

Working Paper No. 06/01
Aghassi Mkrtchyan
Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Armenia: Exploring the Role of Macroeconomic Policies