Internship / Interns' Feedback

Raffi Keuhnelian

The AIPRG internship was my first work experience in Yerevan. The working environment was well organized and each staff member had an expertise which they excelled in. I felt the importance of education and knowledge in a society while interning at AIPRG. It was a great experience to work with such highly qualified people. To be able to research and study such important issues concerning our people was also very interesting. Finally, the internship at AIPRG was a productive gain in both my professional career and my academic future. It gave me the drive to succeed in my professional career, while having to pursue a higher education to be more fit and qualified.
I was very satisfied with my internship at AIPRG. The office was well coordinated; the task was clear, the co-workers were very friendly and would assist me with any issue I would encounter. Even more, the office atmosphere was always productive and encouraging. I truly believe the staff at AIPRG was doing the best they could with the resources they had in their disposition. Having been so welcoming and encouraging, they motivated me every single day. Working conditions are very important and I was very satisfied with the latter in this case. Personally, I understand the importance of the issues they raise and present to the public. It is with such organizations that the general public gets a better understanding of the current and future situation of their country. Our people have always been intellectuals; therefore, we have to study each situation to be better prepared to face them when the situation is to arise. AIPRG serves its people with their presentation of the information and knowledge. That is how I viewed my internship… 

Raffi Haroutunian:

"My professional and academic gains from interning at AIPRG vary.  At first I was tasked with the duty of editing and reviewing the new AIPRG website.  This involved reviewing documents and text that were found throughout the website.  I was also able to interact on a professional level with my coworkers both in learning about AIPRG and its mission, while also being able to observe the impact AIPRG related events have on Armenia and its citizens.  Most importantly I was able to spend my time organizing the vast contact database AIPRG has obtained over the years, in order to make the ability of AIPRG communications with interested individuals more fluid.

My general impressions form interning for AIPRG and overall in Armenia are good ones.  As the country is still in a developmental stage and transitioning to many European standards, the need for interested individuals with skills in all aspects are needed to assist Armenia.   AIPRG has professional individuals who are dedicated to the goal and mission of AIPRG, but also who have taken the time to help me get accustomed to both work and life in Armenia. 

Thank you for being welcoming during the summer and accepting me as an intern.  My time spent here was fun and productive."

Dzovinar Derderian:

"I learned different tactics of writing a policy paper, as well as conducting interviews for the research material of a policy paper. I improved my reading and writing skills in general and learned more about how a non-governmental think tank is managed and how it functions.

Overall I had a fantastic experience. I had the opportunity to meet and work with various interesting and professional people of different backgrounds."

Tania M. Balci:

"...The best word to describe my internship experience with AIPRG is invaluable. During my two months with the group, I was trusted with numerous responsibilities such as conference planning and acting as a liaison between the national/international Armenian community and AIPRG fellows. I also worked on a plethora of projects, including a piece I drafted on Armenia’s political environment, which became my first published work. This piece was written as one section of a larger paper completed primarily by AIPRG fellow, Richard Giragosian.

Working in Washington with experienced economists, political analysts and other professionals through AIPRG has been a terrific learning experience—one which has helped me move my career forward and get directly involved in Armenia’s development process. I made valuable business contacts with whom I intend to stay in touch and, most importantly, I made new friends. I am proud to be able to say that I was a part of AIPRG and helped contribute to the group’s growth process."

Grigor R. Sargsyan:

"As a Masters student at Michigan State University, I wanted to make the most of my summer in the United States. By interning with AIPRG I was able to assume many responsibilities, such as the construction of the web site, arrangement of seminars, and organization/planning of the January 2004 conference. Besides this, I performed economic research and analysis of an ongoing project on monetary transmission mechanisms in Armenia. Even now that the summer is almost over, I have been able to extend and apply my work to my studies at MSU, and am continuing to work on the project with professionals from the IMF and World Bank, as well as people in Armenia.

Thanks to my internship with AIPRG, I had my first extended stay in Washington, DC. Coming from Armenia, this was a fantastic experience for me because not only did I get to work with professional economists, but I got to learn and explore the U.S. capital.

During my two months I made many new friends and contacts that will be valuable to me once I get my degree and start looking for a job. It was also special for me to be able to do something for Armenia, my homeland."