Internship / Our Interns

Nelly Tulumbajyan /Summer 2007, Yerevan/

Nelly Tulumbajyan is a graduate of the Department of Political Science of Yerevan State Linguistic University majoring in Political Science and English language. She is particularly interested in the issues of the regulation of Armenian-Turkish relations, Regional Conflict Resolution and European Integration. Currently she is practicing as UN volunteer.

Artak Galyan /Spring-Winter 2008, Yerevan/

Artak Galyan is a bachelor student of the Department of Political Science of Yerevan State Linguistic University specializing in Political Science and English language. He is particularly interested in the issues of European Integration, National Conflicts in Europe, Nationality as well as in different issues of the political theory. He has had extensive experience of working as a volunteer at different culture festivals such as Golden Apricot International Film Festival, High Fest International Theatre Festival and One Nation One Culture Pan-Armenian Culture Festival.

Raffi Keuhnelian /Fall 2006, Yerevan/

Raffi Keuhnelian graduated from Concordia University in May 2006, majoring in Poltical science with a focus on International Relations. He is also highly interested and follows Armenian issues, ranging from the Armenian Genocide to the current issues concerning the geopolitical situation of Armenia. He intends to pursue his studies in Law shortly.

Raffi Haroutunian /Summer 2006, Yerevan/

Raffi Haroutunian graduated from Rutgers University in May of 2006. He majored in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and minored in History. His prior internship experinces include the International Crisis Group and the World Policy Institute.

Dzovinar Derderian /Summer 2006, Yerevan/

Dzovinar Derderian is an undergraduate student at Tufts University. She is majoring in International Relations and Eastern Europeans Studies. Her interests particularly lie in the economic and political development of the post-communist countries.

Richard Antaramian /Summer 2006, Yerevan/

Richard Antaramian is pursuing a PhD in Armenian history at the University of Michigan. His research interests include Turkish-Armenian relations, Ottoman historiography, the study of comparative nationalisms, and social and intellectual history. 

Lusine Martirosyan /Summer 2006, Washington/

Lusine Martirosyan is is a graduate student at Western Illinois University. She is majoring in Economics and her interests particularly lie in the fields of Development Economics and Capital Markets. Lusine also holds a Law degree from the American University of Armenia.

Jeanette Gevikoglu /Winter 2005, Yerevan/

Jeanette Gevikoglu is Crown counsel at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General in Toronto, Canada, where she appears on behalf of the Crown in Superior Court and the Court of Appeal on criminal law matters and advises the Minister of the Attorney General on criminal proceedings and policy. Jeanette has broad public-law related experience, with a particular interest in constitutional law and human rights. She previously worked at the Constitutional Law Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General. In the fall of 2005, Jeanette was an intern with AIPRG-Armenia in Yerevan, during which she conducted research and assisted in editing the Armenian Journal of Public Policy. Jeanette also worked as a tax associate with Dewey Ballantine, LLP in New York. She holds a law degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in political studies and history from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. She is admitted to practice law in both the State of New York and the Province of Ontario.

Nune Hovhannisyan /Summer 2004, Washington/

Nune Hovhannisyan is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Economics at Bowling Green State University, OH, under the auspices of the Edmund S. Muskie Freedom Support Graduate Fellowship. She has received her Honors Diploma (Bachelor of Arts) from Yerevan State University, Department of Economics. Simultaneously she has various internships in the World Bank Yerevan office, the Central Bank of Armenia, Ministry of Finance and Economy, IREX/EIC. Currently Ms. Hovhannisyan is the Graduate Student Senator and is a member of the Capital Planning Advisory Committee at BGSU. Starting from this fall she will be working as a Research Assistant in the Center of Policy Analysis and Public Service at BGSU.

Lusine Tadevosyan /Summer 2004, Washington/

Lusine Tadevosyan, is a Master of Science candidate in Economics at the University of Wyoming, Department of Economics and Finance, under the auspicies of Edmund S. Muskie/Freedom Support Act Graduate Fellowship. She holds a Diploma with Honors from the Yerevan State Institute of Economics, Department of Natural Resources Economics. Upon her graduation from the YSIE she held a number of positions at the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia where she worked for two years. Her last position was of the Leading Specialist at the International Department. Simultaneous to her employment at the Ministry, Ms. Tadevosyan worked as a Local Research Assistant at the “Environmental Resources Management” Company on the environmental assessment of one of the World Bank projects (Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction).

Tania Balci /Summer 2003, Washington/

Tania Balci is a recent graduate of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where she received a BA in International Studies and French. This fall she will begin working towards a Master's Degree in International Commerce and Policy with a Concentration in International Finance, from George Mason University. Her prior internship experiences include one year with The American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC and Independent Research for University Professors.

Grigor Sargsyan /Summer 2003, Washington/

Grigor Sargsyan is simultaneously pursuing his Master's Degree in Economics at Michigan State University and doing post-graduate research at The Yerevan State Institute of Economics, from where he received his BA. Mr. Sargsyan is also working on his dissertation on the international reserves of the Central Bank of Armenia. Before starting his graduate career in the US, Mr. Sargsyan worked for the infamous Armenian copper smelting corporation, Manes ev Vallex, and then held a position at the CBA as a risk management specialist.