Internship / General Information

The design of the AIPRG Internship Program is consistent with the AIPRG’s mission to advance capacity building by providing learning opportunities for aspiring young professionals. Interns are selected according to their practical knowledge and ability to function and grow in a fast-paced environment. AIPRG Interns are entrusted with a wide range of responsibilities such as conference and seminar planning, Armenia-related data compilation and analysis, fundraising, and website maintenance. Interns are also consulted and regularly involved in the structuring, designing, and editing of the upcoming Armenian Journal of Public Policy (AJPP). One of the primary tasks for each AIPRG Intern is to complete a research project related to their area of graduate study. These projects are specifically tailored to meet the professional career needs of each Intern, and include interactions with scholars and professionals who can offer advice and feedback.

In addition to a professional focus, the Internship Program is structured to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available in one of the most infamous cities in the world, Washington, DC. Outside of the office, AIPRG Interns are regularly invited to attend academic and social events as a way to have fun, learn more about Washington, DC, and make contacts with professionals in the Armenian community in Washington as well as internationally. In addition to activities organized by the AIPRG, Interns also attend seminars and meetings organized by the Armenian Assembly of America (AAA), within the framework of AAA’s Summer Internship program. More about our interns can be found in May 2003 release of The Advocate.

The requirements for the Internship program include graduate level courses in Economics or Finance and general understanding of processes taking place in transition economies. Knowledge of statistical methods and econometric techniques is a plus. For expression of interest and more information please contact:

Jeanette Gevikoglu: